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As of 1st September 2008 - 

Adam Smith Club Notices are now at the Clubs new online home 



LF 87: Invitation to July 2008 Dinner

Mark Lopez

Surviving Your Teachers: 
What students face and how to deal with it.

(download is pdf ~200kb)


The Clubs' April 2008 Dinner was

Bob Day

"The Tyranny of Urban Planning:
Home Truths about Housing Affordabaility"

click the title to download the speech in pdf format (120k)


The Clubs' October 2007 Address 

Dr Fred Hansen

Good Health - And how to get it

click the title to download the address in pdf format (200k)




Notes from Jennifer Marohasy's February '06 Address -

link to Okhams Razor radio show (transcript only) mentioned in her address

link to Jennifers Blog also mentioned in the address


The text of a paper similar to that delivered
to the July 2003 meeting by William Coleman on

"Economic and its Enemies"
is available by clicking here




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